Treatment Resources Partners

Partners1 Aqua-Aerobic Systems
Advanced Biological Processes:
AquaExcel®, AquaPASS™, AquaMSBR®, AquaCAM-D®
Aerators/Mixers: Aqua-Jet®, Diffused Aeration, AquaDDM®, AquaMixAir®
Filtration: AquaDisk®, AquaDiamond®, AquaMiniDisk®, AquaABF®
Membranes:  Aqua-Aerobic® MBR Systems
Partners1 ASA Analytics- ChemScan®
Automatic chemical analysis systems for water and wastewater monitoring and control. Analyzers are used to detect nutrients, halogens, dissolved metals and optical parameters in water and wastewater. Applications include Chloramination, Phosphorous Precipitation Control, and Chlorine Residual Monitoring
Partners12 De Nora
De Nora Tetra™ U Block Under Drain, De Nora Tetra™ LP Block Under Drain, De Nora Tetra™ T Block Under Drain, Media Retention Plate, SORB 33® Arsenic Removal System
Evoqua Water Technologies – (formerly Siemens Water Technologies)

J-Press® Recessed Chamber Filter Press, Convective Thermal Dryer, Ecoflash® Thin Layer Dryer, Sludge Belt Dryer
Partners3 Envirodyne Systems Inc.
Wastewater Systems: Algae Cleaning Systems, Grit Equipment, Clarifiers and Thickeners, Oxidation Ditch Equipment, Rotary Distributors, Digester Equipment and Covers, Sludge Handling Equipment
Partners3 Epic International
Screw Pumps
Flottweg Separation Technology, Inc.

Dewatering: Decanter, Sedicanter®, Sorticanter®, Tricanter®, Belt Presses, Complete Systems and Rentals
Partners4 FRC Systems, Inc.
Gravity Floatation, Induced Air Floatation, Dissolved Air Floatation, Polyelectrolyte Make Up Systems, Pipe Flocculator
Howden Roots™ Blowers

Positive Displacement Blowers, EasyAir X2 Blower Packages , Turbo Blower Compressors, Total Blower/Aeration System Control
Partner5 Hydro International – Eutek Systems
Grit Separators/Concentrators/Dewatering: Eutek HeadCell™ Grit Concentrator, Eutek TeaCup™ Vortex Grit Washer, Eutek SlurryCup™ Grit Washing & Sludge Degritting, Eutek Grit Snail™ Dewatrering Escalator, Grit Classifier, Grit Decanter, Reg-U-Flo® Flow Control Vortex Valve, Grit King® Advanced Vortex Separator
Partners1 Hungerford & Terry For more than 100 years, H&T has been meeting the challenge of new regulations and changing conditions in the water industry with a vast array of treatment solutions engineered to meet the most demanding customer needs.
Partner7 IPEC Consulting, Ltd
Screening Products: RSS- Externally Fed Drum Screen, IFM-Internally Fed Drum Screen, IFO- Internally Fed Drum Screen, IFS- Internally Fed Drum Screen, IFU- Internally Fed Drum Screen, SHS-Static Side Hill Screen, SHP-Static pressure Side Hill Screen, CLT-In-Channel Conveyor Screen, TLT-Receiving Station
Dewatering and Conveying Products: IFT Internally Fed Drum Thickener, PLT Shaftless Screw Press, PPS Shafted Screw Press
Partner7 Jacobi Carbons
Line of activated carbons for water and wastewater treatment applications
Partner7 JWC Environmental-Engineered Products
Screening Products: Auger Monster In Channel Screen, Externally Fed Drum Screen, Internally Fed Drum Screen, Static Side Hill Screen, In-Channel Conveyor Screen, Monster Band Screen, Bar Screen, Verticle Screen, Finescreen, Septage Receiving Station
Dewatering and Conveying Products: Internally Fed Drum Thickener, Screenings Washer and Compactor
Partners8 John Meunier Inc.
Mectan® Grit Removal Systems, SAM® Dewatering Screw, Cont-Flo® Bar Screen, Escalator® Fine Screen, Rotopac® Compactor, Rotarc® Arc Screen, Rotarc® Brush Screen, REK Conveyor,
Stormwater: HYDROVEX® Products, OS-LP Overflow Screen, StormGuard Overflow Screen
Partners8 Jim Myers & Sons, Inc.
Water Treatment Equipment:
Plate Settlers, Horizontal-Vertical-Walking Beam Flocculators, Troughs & Skimming Equipment
Wastewater Treatment Equipment: Low Profile Cascade Aerators
Material Handling: Belt & Screw Conveyors, Storage Hoppers-Bins-Silos, Live Bottom Feeders, Slide Gates & Diverter Valves
Separation Systems: Grit Classifiers, Screening Compactors, Scum Pipes, Level Control/Decanters, Airlift Pumps
Partner7 Merrick Industries, Inc.
Gravimetric and Volumetric Feeders, System Feed Control, Polymer Makedown Systems, Detention and Paste Lime Slakers, Chemical Dissolver Systems
10 Orthos Liquid Systems
Filters: Nozzles and under drain systems, troughs, filter controls
10 PulsaFeeder, Inc
Metering Pumps: Mechanically Actuated Diaphragm Pumps, Hydraulically Actuated Diaphragm Pumps. Pacing Control Systems. PeriFlo Hose Pumps: Peristaltic Hose Pumps and Controls, Packaged Chemical Feed Systems Transfer Pumps: Centrifugal Pumps, Gear Pumps, Regenerative Turbine Pumps, Rotary Vane Pumps.
Chem Feed Systems: Alum Feed Systems, pH Control Systems, Sodium HypoChlorite Feed Systems.
10 PW Tech
Thickening & Dewatering: Volute™ Dewatering Press, Volute™ Thickener
CSO, SSO and Overflow Screening: Raked Bar Screen, SanSep, Cyclone, Treatment Shaft, FloatSep
Biological Treatment: Submerged Aerated Filter (SAF), Hybrid Biological Nutrient Removal (HBNR)
10 Raschig
Media for Trickling Filters, Bio-Towers, Submerged Fixed Bed Filters, Anaerobic Reactors, IFAS and MBBR Processes
Partners15 Stanco Projects
Bulk Chemical Storage and Handling: Silos – Welded and Bolted, Fill Systems, Withdrawal Systems, Chemical Feed – Volumetric, Gravimetric, Loss in Weight, Solution Preparation and Feed, Automatic and Manual Operation
Partners15 Thermal Process Systems
ThermAer™: Next generation digestion for Class “A” BioSolids
SNDR™: single reactor for nutrient, soluble COD, and Solids reduction
BiofiltAer ™: Low cost odor control system
Partners6 Veolia
Headworks: Climber Screen® Mechanical Bar Screen
Separations: ABW® Automatic Backwash Filter, NS and IS Clarifier, High-Rate DAF Dissolved Air Flotation, Densator High Rate Clarifier/Thickener, Greenleaf Filter, SP Clarifier, MNF Underdrain.
Biological Systems: Biological Iron and Manganese Removal for Drinking Water
Disinfection: Aquaray® H2O Ultraviolet Disinfection System, Aquaray® 40 Vertical Lamp System (VLS), Aquaray® 40 High Output Vertical Lamp System (HO VLS), Aquaray® 3X HO VLS, Aquaray® Open Channel Horizontal Lamp System (HLS) or Packaged Closed Chamber Horizontal Lamp System (HLS)
Biosolids: Cannon® Mixer Anaerobic Digestion System, ODI 2PAD™ Two-phase Anaerobic Digestion System, High Temperature Fluid Bed (HTFB) Incineration System
Packaged Systems: Pulsapak®, Accelapak®, Aquaray® Horizontal Lamp System (HLS)
Partners16 Verder, Inc.
Pumps: Metering Pumps, Rotary Lobe Pumps
Partners16 Wigen
Conventional Water Treatment: Pressure and Gravity Filters
Membrane Systems: Reverse Osmosis, Nano, Ultra and Micro Filtration
Ion Exchange Systems: Low Waste, Custom Designed Ion Change Systems
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